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Collie eye anomaly (CEA) is a congenital, inherited ocular disorder which is widespread in herding breeds. Clinically, the two major lesions associated with CEA are choroidal hypoplasia (CH) and coloboma, and both lesions are diagnosed based on ophthalmological examination. A 7.8-kb intronic deletion in the gene encoding non-homologous end-joining factor 1(More)
Canine distichiasis is a well-known cause of ocular irritation and excessive lacrimation (secretion of tears) in the dog. The term distichiasis originates from the Greek words di and stichos meaning two and rows, respectively, and as the name implies, the condition is characterized by an additional row of cilia, which erupts on the eyelid margin. Many(More)
ANIMAL STUDIED A Royal Boa constrictor presented with retained spectacle of the right eye and a tumor-like appearance of the left eye. PROCEDURE The snake was euthanized, the head fixed in buffered formaldehyde, and histologic examination of both spectacles and both eyes performed. RESULTS The left orbital rim encircled a solid, scaly mass projecting(More)
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