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The link between automatic and effortful processing and nonanalytic and analytic category learning was evaluated in a sample of 29 college undergraduates using declarative memory, semantic category search, and pseudoword categorization tasks. Automatic and effortful processing measures were hypothesized to be associated with nonanalytic and analytic(More)
Two hundred and three non-pregnant women who underwent diagnostic dilatation and curettage or hysterectomy were included in a prospective study designed to assess the accuracy of transvaginal sonography in conforming or excluding the presence of uterine cancer. All preoperative sonographic findings were compared with the final histological diagnosis. The(More)
We present AVAMAT: AntiVirus and Malware Analysis Tool — a tool for analysing the malware detection capabilities of AntiVirus (AV) products running on different operating system (OS) platforms. Even though similar tools are available, such as VirusTotal and MetaDefender, they have several limitations, which motivated the creation of our own tool.(More)
Executive summary This document provides a state of the art of existing DoS detection schemes. It includes a taxonomy of existing attacks and attack tools as well as a taxonomy of existing detection methods. It also provides an analysis of existing tools and products available. This document analyses existing work in the field of DoS detection techniques(More)
Over the last 20 years, the frequency of multiple pregnancy has increased mainly because of the introduction of exogenous pituitary gonadotropins in the treatment of sterility. The incidence of ectopic pregnancies also increased during the same period of time. This paper describes the first reported case of a simultaneous bilateral tubal and multiple(More)
ADSL technology provides a new platform for delivering broadband services to homes and small businesses, supporting a wide variety of high bandwidth applications. Since Multicast is essential in many of these high bandwidth applications, Multicast support will be a key requirement for the success of ADSL networks. In this paper we present two IP Multicast(More)
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