Tommy Carpenter

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Despite the many proposals for data center network (DCN) architectures, designing a DCN remains challenging. DCN design is especially difficult when expanding an existing network, because traditional DCN design places strict constraints on the topology (e.g., a fat-tree). Recent advances in routing protocols allow data center servers to fully utilize(More)
The Ontario electrical grid is sized to meet peak electricity load. If this worst-case load were reduced, the government and Ontario tax-payers could defer large infrastructural costs, reducing the cost of generation and electricity prices. <i>Storage</i>, batteries that can store energy during times of low load and be discharged during times of peak load,(More)
Mobile phones play an increasingly important role on our everyday lives. It is becoming increasingly important to provide a reliable and easy to use method for securing these devices against unauthorized access. This paper describes an approach to adapt iris recognition for resource-constrained mobile phones by reducing its computational complexity.(More)
We study whether taxi companies can simultaneously save petroleum and money by transitioning to electric vehicles. We propose a process to compute the return on investment (ROI) of transitioning a taxi corporation’s fleet to electric vehicles. We use Bayesian data analysis to infer the revenue changes associated with the transition. We do not make any(More)
We refer to a vehicle pool as a number of vehicles at a single location used for the same purpose. We focus on the problem of sizing vehicle pools for a finite set of subscribers who can use the pool. Our goal is to minimize the number of vehicles in the pool while still meeting nearly all subscriber requests. Formally, we propose three analytical(More)
Electric Vehicles (EVs) are envisioned to play a large role in the transition from fossil fuel to renewables based transportation. However, their sales thus far are nominal compared to traditional car sales. It has been difficult for manufacturers to measure owners' initial perceptions in order to build improved vehicles more drivers are likely to adopt.(More)
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