Tommy A. Nazwar

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The Wingless family of secreted proteins impinges on multiple aspects of vertebrate nervous system development, from early global patterning and cell fate decision to synaptogenesis. Here, we mapped the developmental expression of the Tcf7l2, which is key to the canonical Wingless signaling cascade, in the developing cerebellum. The exclusive and transient(More)
Mtss1 encodes an actin-binding protein, dysregulated in a variety of tumors, that interacts with sonic hedgehog/Gli signaling in epidermal cells. Given the prime importance of this pathway for cerebellar development and tumorigenesis, we assessed expression of Mtss1 in the developing murine cerebellum and human medulloblastoma specimens. During development,(More)
The cerebellum has been widely used as a paradigm to study basic mechanisms of brain development and cortical histogenesis. Its highly regular structure has always made it particularly attractive to approaches relying on, and yielding, quantitative information, which provide a cornerstone of systems-oriented integrative analyses. Astonishingly, though, a(More)
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