Tommie G Cayton

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The association of hostility and coronary artery disease was evaluated in a case-control study of aircrew members who had been referred for coronary angiography on the basis of noninvasive tests or risk factor status. The asymptomatic status of the sample and the structured nature of the referral process minimize the methodologic problems normally(More)
Depression, as a primary or secondary illness, is a potentially devastating disorder that can significantly affect one's quality of life and, in its worst form, lead to suicide. Stress is an inherent aspect in the practice of dentistry and, allowed to grow unchecked, can lead to mental anguish and depression. However, effective coping strategies can(More)
Administration following a standard procedure is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of assessment. Practitioners face the challenge of unexpected events interrupting a formal evaluation, substitution, proration, or a retest, which may be used as alternative strategies to perform estimations. Such nonstandardized estimation strategies have introduced additional(More)
A single-subject reversal design was used to test the hypothesis that aerobic conditioning would elevate mood in seven clinically depressed persons. The hypothesis was confirmed for two subjects but not for the group as a whole. A reversal design does not appear suitable for this area of investigation.
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