Tommi Mikkonen

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Design patterns facilitate reuse of good design practices. They are typically given by using conventional notations that lack well-defined semantics and, therefore reasoning about their behaviors requires formalization. Even when formalized, conventional communication abstractions may lead to too laborious formalizations when addressing the temporal(More)
In many cases, product families are established on top of a successful pilot product. While this approach provides an option to measure many concrete attributes like performance and memory footprint, adequateness and adaptability of the architecture of the pilot cannot be fully verified. Yet, these properties are crucial business enablers for the whole(More)
While the users of completed applications are heavily moving from desktop to the web browser, the majority of developers are still working with desktop IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio. In contrast to professional installable IDEs, current web-based code editors are simple text editors with extra features. They usually understand lexical syntax and can(More)
Architectural-level reuse of software can be achieved in the form of application frameworks. Then, the architecture of a system can be copied from a framework, and the developer is liberated to application development. In this scheme, patterns utilized for specializing the framework play a critical role. Unfortunately, the bigger the specialization pattern,(More)
For better or worse, the web browser has become a widely-used target platform for software applications. Desktop-style applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, calendars, games and instant messaging systems that were written earlier for specific operating systems, CPU architectures or devices are now written for the World Wide Web, to be used(More)
While Agile methods were originally introduced for small, tightly coupled teams, leaner ways of working are becoming a practical method to run entire enterprises. As the emphasis of user experience work has inherently been on the early phases before starting the development, it also needs to be adapted to the Agile way of working. To improve the current(More)
Wide-spread adoption of the agile movement has rapidly changed the landscape of software industry. In particular, Scrum is an agile process framework that has become extremely popular in industry. However, the practical implementation of Scrum in companies rarely follows the text book ideals. Typically, companies deviate from the proposed Scrum practices(More)