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We have previously isolated a putative promoter from the Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis chromosome. We now report the sequence of the promoter fragment and its extension in the 5'-direction. The region contains several open-reading frames which correspond to ribosomal protein L15, SecY, adenylate kinase, initiation factor 1 and ribosomal proteins B and(More)
State of the art and Triple Space-specific requirements of semantic query languages Executive Summary This document presents why querying is needed in the TripCom project. This document then presents general query language features and shows how they are present in existing RDF query languages. The target audience for this document is software engineers who(More)
The cultivated and uncultivated bacterial communities of an activated sludge plant were studied. Two samples were taken and a total of 516 bacterial isolates were classified into groups using their whole-cell protein patterns. The distribution of bacteria into protein-pattern groups differed significantly between the two samples, suggesting variation in(More)
The nuclear mitochondrial and synaptosomal fractions of rat brain were each found to contain some 25-30% of the total aldehyde dehydrogenase activity. The cytoplasmic fraction had a very low total aldehyde dehydrogenase activity. There were differences in the distribution of the activity when different aldehydes were used as substrates, suggesting the(More)
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