Tommi Keränen

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Cooking assistant is an application that needs to find a trade-off between providing efficient help to the users (e.g., reminding them to stir a meal if it is about to burn) and avoiding users' annoyance. This trade-off may vary in different contexts, such as cooking alone or in a group, cooking new or known recipe etc. The results of the user study,(More)
In this paper packet loss error concealment for video sequences compressed using spatial scalability is investigated. Slice support is implemented into the JSVM reference codec of the scalable extension to H.264/AVC video coding standard. The nonnormative error concealment scheme introduced in the codec is developed further, adding to it the capability to(More)
The unobtrusive methods to monitor and track people behaviour are getting more common. At the same time novel lighting control and the LED technologies allow dynamic real-time controlling of the illumination systems. This progress will support the development of implicit interaction between humans and lighting systems. In this paper, we describe the results(More)
This work presents a software framework for real time multimodal affect recognition. The framework supports categorical emotional models and simultaneous classification of emotional states along different dimensions. The framework also allows to incorporate diverse approaches to multimodal fusion, proposed by the current state of the art, as well as to(More)
To recognise just the same human reaction (for example, a strong excitement) in different contexts, customary behaviours in these contexts have to be taken into account; e.g. a happy sport audience may be cheering for long time, while a happy theatrical audience may produce only short bursts of laughter in order to not interrupt the performance. Tailoring(More)
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