Tommi Kärkkäinen

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Existing ultrasound devices for assessing the human tibia are based on detecting the first arriving signal, corresponding to a wave propagating at, or close to, the bulk longitudinal velocity in bone. However, human long bones are effectively irregular hollow tubes and should theoretically support the propagation of more complex guided modes similar to Lamb(More)
Data clustering is an unsupervised data analysis and data mining technique, which offers refined and more abstract views to the inherent structure of a data set by partitioning it into a number of disjoint or overlapping (fuzzy) groups. Hundreds of clustering algorithms have been developed by researchers from a number of different scientific disciplines.(More)
This article proposes an Enhanced Memetic Differential Evolution (EMDE) for designing digital filters which aim at detecting defects of the paper produced during an industrial process. Defect detection is handled by means of two Gabor filters and their design is performed by the EMDE. The EMDE is a novel adaptive evolutionary algorithm which combines the(More)
Software license is a legal instrument governing the usage or redistribution of copyright-protected software. License analysis is an elaborate undertaking, especially in case of large software consisting of numerous modules under different licenses. This paper describes an automated approach for supporting software license analysis. The approach is(More)
This paper compares three different fitness diversity adaptations in Multimeme Algorithms (MmAs). These diversity indexes have been integrated within a MmA present in literature, namely Fast Adaptive Memetic Algorithm. Numerical results show that it is not possible to establish a superiority of one of these adaptive schemes over the others and choice of a(More)