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In this paper high-quality model-based sound synthesis of plucked string and woodwind instruments is combined with room simulation and auralization techniques. The result is a real-time virtual three-dimensional room where the listener and multiple virtual instruments can be moved. The system was designed using signal processors in a multiprocessing(More)
A real-time virtual audio reality model has been created. The system includes model-based sound synthesizers, geometrical room acoustics modeling, binaural auralization for headphone or loudspeaker listening, and hiqh-quality animation. This paper discusses the following subsystems of the designed environment: The implementation of the audio processing(More)
Image sequences produced by, e.g., electro-optical sensors are being used increasingly for continuous quality monitoring and surveillance. This letter considers the important problem of multiframe change point detection of signals with unknown dynamics. We propose a new CUSUM-based (cumulative SUM) detector for detecting noise-obscured signals in a sequence(More)
We propose a novel multi-estimate dynamic programming (DP) method for on-line detection and segmentation of significant anomalies in a video sequence. The method is based on the concept of sparsity, which means that we reduce visual features of each frame to a set of keypoints. In our linescan application this is done by extracting only the intensity(More)
1 INTRODUCTION Virtual audio reality environments have in recent years become popular in such fields as computer music, acoustics, multimedia, and telecommunications [1]. There are often computational constraints that lead to very simplified systems that faintly resemble the physical reality. We present a distributed expandable virtual audio reality system(More)
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