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We show that a rotation in three dimensions can be achieved by a composition of three shears, the rst and third along a speciied axis and the second along another given axis orthogonal to the rst; this process is invertible. The resulting rotation algorithm is practical for the processing of ne-grained digital images, and is well adapted to the access(More)
Today, a \computer", without further qualiications, denotes a rather well-speciied kind of object; we'll consider a computer \non-conventional" if its physical substrate or its organization signiicantly depart from this de facto norm. Thus, the thousands of literate Greeks that ended up in Rome as secretaries and accountants after the \liberation" of Greece(More)
Conservative logic is a comprehensive model of computation which explicitly reflects a number of fundamental principles of physics, such as the reversibility of the dynamical laws and the conservation of certain additive quantities (among which energy plays a distinguished role). Because it more closely mirrors physics than traditional models of(More)