Tommaso Sozzi

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A recently proposed polythetic definition of virus species appears easily applicable to bacteriophages. Criteria for classification of tailed phages are evaluated. Morphology, DNA homology, and serology are the most important criteria for delineation of species, but no single criterion is satisfactory. Dot-blot hybridization and seroneutralization may(More)
The human body is colonized by a vast array of bacteria whose diversity is largely affected by predation of bacteriophages. Here, we discussed the impact of bacteriophages on the composition of human intestinal microbiota as well as on the survival and thus efficacy of probiotic bacteria in the human gut.
Plasma alpha-tocopherol (AT) concentrations are inversely related to cardiovascular (CV) risk; however, intervention studies with AT have failed to show any consistent benefit against CV disease (CVD). Proteomics offers the opportunity to examine novel effects of AT supplementation on protein expression and therefore improve our understanding of the(More)
Microbiological developments during industrial meat fermentations (salami), made with and without commercial starter cultures, were followed at two factories in Germany and Italy. In the German product microbial growth was evident only for the first 48 h, followed by a gradual decline in numbers of most micro-organisms. The pH fell from 5.8 to 4.8 in the 28(More)
Isolation and characterization studies were performed on two Micrococcus phages from Italian salami type Varzi. Although host ranges were found to be the same for the two isolates, their plaque formation and sensitivity to pH and temperature showed that they were two different phages. Electron micrographs showed that they both belong to Bradley's phage(More)
Indigenous Australians experience a significant health burden from chronic hepatitis B infection; however, the strain of hepatitis B virus (HBV) found among Indigenous Australians has not been well characterized. Blood samples were collected from 65 Indigenous Australians with chronic HBV infection from across the Top End of Australia's Northern Territory.(More)