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It is becoming increasingly more common for people to own botha smartphone and a tablet, providing a design opportunity to leverage the combination of these two formfactors. Our work aims to explore this by: a) defining the design space of distributed input and output solutions that rely on and benefit from phone--tablet collaboration, both physically and(More)
As an increasing number of users carry smartphones and tablets simultaneously, there is an opportunity to leverage the use of these two form factors in a more complementary way. Our work aims to explore this by a) defining the design space of distributed input and output solutions that rely on and benefit from phone- tablet combinations working together(More)
A common problem in optical motion capture of human-body movement is the so-called missing marker problem. The occlusion of markers can lead to significant problems in tracking accuracy unless a continuous flow of data is guaranteed by interpolation or extrapolation algorithms. Since interpolation algorithms require data sampled before and after an(More)
Interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) directs T helper-1 cell differentiation and mediates antitumour effects in preclinical models. However, high-dose IFN-gamma is toxic in vivo, and IFN-gamma-transfected neuroblastoma (NB) cells secreting high amounts of the cytokine may be lost due to cell apoptosis or differentiation. Two human NB cell lines (ACN and(More)
Keywords: Performance assessment of health care Key performance indicators Adaptive models Expert system Fuzzy sets a b s t r a c t Interest in the field of performance assessment of health care structures has grown in recent decades. In fact, the possibility of determining overall performances of health care structures plays a key role in the optimization(More)
In a first set of experiments we registered the integrated afferent activity of the superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) in adult anaesthetized rats. The activity increased with positive upper airway pressure (Pua); with progressively more negative Pua, the SLN activity at first declined then increased again. A second set of adult rats underwent bilateral section(More)
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