Tommaso Marcelli

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Atropisomeric biaryls carrying ortho-hydroxymethyl and formyl groups were made enantioselectively by desymmetrisation of dialdehyde or diol substrates. The oxidation of the symmetrical diol substrates was achieved using a variant of galactose oxidase (GOase), and the reduction of the dialdehydes using a panel of ketoreductases. Either M or P enantiomers of(More)
The mechanism of the reaction between carbodiimides and activated α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids yielding fully substituted hydantoins and variable amounts of N-acyl urea by-products was studied using density functional theory calculations. Two alternative pathways featuring N-acyl ureas and imino-oxazolidinones as intermediates for the formation of the(More)
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