Tommaso Fabbri

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An approach to autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) multi-vehicle coordination and cooperation is presented based on the formalism of potential game theory. It is shown how very simple games can be used in order to stably steer an AUV formation in the position which best compromises between target destination of each vehicle and preservation of(More)
In an attempt to expand the field's thinking beyond notions of organizational learning rooted in individual-level conceptualizations (i.e., behavior-based, performancebased, knowledge-based learning), we provide a theoretical argument for a form of learning unique to the collective level, which we term "meaning-based learning." Meaning-based learning(More)
The Thesaurus project, funded by the Tuscany Region, had among its goals the development of technologies and methodologies for archaeological search with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles working as a team in exploration missions. This has led to the design and realization of a new AUV class, the Typhoon, on the basis of the archaeological requirements, and of(More)
A Serious Game (SG) system for the assessment of the potential of the multi-vehicle surveillance is presented. The SG system is applied to the problem of protection of strategic assets from underwater asymmetric threats. The SG platform integrates the active sonar performance evaluator able to estimate the real performance on the basis of the environmental(More)
OBJECTIVE The changes in the academic world led to an increase in job demands and a decrease in the available job resources. In recent years, the positive image of work in academia has gradually blurred. The present study, within the theoretical framework of the job demands-resources model, aimed to analyse the relationship between some job demands(More)
This paper presents experimental results of the application of Packet-Based Control approach with dynamic controller on a real plant: the Furuta Pendulum. Despite its easiness of realization, Furuta Pendulum presents some features useful for our purposes, such as pretty non-linear dynamics, unstable equilibrium point and heavy dynamical inaccuracies. The(More)
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