Tommaso Boi

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(15)N-Propargylcholine has been synthesized and hydrogenated with para-H(2). Through the application of a field cycling procedure, parahydrogen spin order is transferred to the (15)N resonance. Among the different isomers formed upon hydrogenation of (15)N-propargylcholine, only the nontransposed derivative contributes to the observed N-15 enhanced emission(More)
The advent of nuclear spins hyperpolarization techniques represents a breakthrough in the field of medical diagnoses by magnetic resonance imaging. Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) is the most widely used method, and hyperpolarized metabolites such as [1-(13)C]-pyruvate are shown to report on status of tumours. Parahydrogen-induced polarization (PHIP) is(More)
Hyperpolarization of (13)C carboxylate signals of metabolically relevant molecules, such as acetate and pyruvate, was recently obtained by means of ParaHydrogen Induced Polarization by Side Arm Hydrogenation (PHIP-SAH). This method relies on functionalization of the carboxylic acid with an unsaturated alcohol (side arm), hydrogenation of the unsaturated(More)
A phosphine-free annulation reaction has been exploited for the preparation of substituted 3-alkenylindoles, 2-alkoxy-3-alkylidene-2,3-dihydrobenzofuranes and -indolidines in good to excellent yields. This has been done by reaction of protected 3-alkyl-1,2-dienols with o-iodophenols or protected o-iodoanilines. Two different heterocyclic skeletons were(More)
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