Tomislav Saric

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Researches on machined surface roughness prediction in the face milling process of steel are presented in the paper. The data for modelling by the application of neural networks have been collected by the central composite design of experiment. Input variables are the parameters of machining (number of revolutions – cutting speed, feed and depth of cut) and(More)
The paper presents a system that, according to the requirements referring to the product quality given in surface roughness, with minimum machining time and maximum metal removal rate, recommends optimal cutting parameters with the possibility of surface roughness control during the machining process. The suggested evolutionary neuro-fuzzy system for(More)
The basic enterprise tasks are how to satisfy customer demands, how to fulfil due dates, low prices and undoubted quality. Today most of Croatian enterprises are not able to fulfil those obligations. Usually, enterprises have inappropriate planning, scheduling and launching models. The paper shows structure of Croatian Enterprise Resource Planning System(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of IMUNO-2865(®) on hematological and antioxidative parameters in sea bream. Total of 640 sea bream were fed with diets containing 0 (Group 1), 1 (Group 2), 10 (Group 3) and 25 (Group 4) g of IMUNO-2865(®) kg(-1) feed during 90 days. Samples were taken each month and three months after the supplementation. A(More)
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