Tomislav Doslic

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We consider log-convex sequences that satisfy an additional constraint imposed on their rate of growth. We call such sequences log-balanced. It is shown that all such sequences satisfy a pair of double inequalities. Sufficient conditions for log-balancedness are given for the case when the sequence satisfies a two(or more-) term linear recurrence. It is(More)
A new class of distance–based molecular structure descriptors is put forward, aimed at eliminating a general shortcoming of the Wiener and Wiener–type indices, namely that the greatest contributions to their numerical values come from vertex pairs at greatest distance. The Q-indices, considered in this work, consist of contributions of vertex pairs that(More)
Valence-weightings are considered for shortest-path distance moments, as well as related weightings for the so-called “Wiener” polynomial. In the case of trees the valence-weighted quantities are found to be expressible as a combination of unweighted quantities. Further the weighted quantities for a so-called “thorny” graph are considered and shown to be(More)