Tomisato Miura

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Host resistance against Listeria monocytogenes, a facultative intracellular pathogen, is controlled by cell-mediated immunity and regulated by endogenous cytokines. Some cytokines can be divided into two groups, namely, T-helper 1 (Th1)-derived cytokines and Th2-derived cytokines, which regulate the action and production of each other (22). L. monocytogenes(More)
Various epidemiologic and experimental in vivo and in vitro studies have suggested that polyphenols derived from fruits, vegetables and beverages might decrease the risk of developing lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders and cancer. Apples are a major dietary source of polyphenols. Here we investigated the antitumor activity of apple(More)
Venom, the mucus layer covering the body surface, ink glands, mammary glands, milk, and various animal secretory functions as both a physical and chemical defense barrier against bacteria and virus infections. Previously, several studies reported that l-amino acid oxidases (LAAOs) present in animal secretary fluids have strong antimicrobial activities and(More)
Fish produce mucus substances as a defensive outer barrier against several bacterial infections. We have recently identified an antibacterial l-amino acid oxidase (psLAAO1) in the mucus layer of the flounder Platichthys stellate. In this study, the antibacterial protein psLAAO1 was expressed as a secretory bioactive recombinant protein in the methylotrophic(More)
Several studies have suggested that flavan-3-ols/procyanidins are associated with a reduced risk of developing obesity and metabolic syndrome. However, the role of highly polymeric procyanidins (PP), which are major non-absorbable flavonoids, in the biological effects, is not completely understood. Here, we show that 0.5% PP administration for 20 weeks(More)
Excess risk of leukemia and brain tumors after CT scans in children has been reported. We performed dicentric chromosome assay (DCAs) before and after CT scan to assess effects of low-dose ionizing radiation on chromosomes. Peripheral blood (PB) lymphocytes were collected from 10 patients before and after a CT scan. DCA was performed by analyzing either(More)
SUMMARY Objective: The virtual slides are high-magnification whole digital images of histopathological tissue sections. The existing virtual slide system, which is optimized for scanning flat and smooth plane slides such as histopathological paraffin-embedded tissue sections, but is unsuitable for scanning irregular plane slides such as cytological smear(More)
Primary hepatocyte culture is a crucial tool for investigations of liver function and for evaluating the toxic effects of drugs. In addition, chromosomal analysis of hepatocytes could also prove useful for understanding the mechanisms of hepatocarcinogenesis. However, cultivation of primary hepatocytes for chromosome analysis has been hampered by the(More)
We recently reported an increase in dicentric chromosome (DIC) formation after a single computed tomography (CT) scan (5.78-60.27 mSv: mean 24.24 mSv) and we recommended analysis of 2000 metaphase cells stained with Giemsa and centromere-FISH for dicentric chromosome assay (DCA) in cases of low-dose radiation exposure. In the present study, we analyzed the(More)
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