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The acute effects of cigarette smoking on the human electroencephalogram (EEG) were investigated by the topographic mapping technique. Twenty-six subjects participated in this study, which involved sham smoking and real smoking of preferred cigarettes. Effects of smoking were analyzed by statistical and multivariate analysis. Analysis of variance andt-test(More)
The supplementary motor cortex (SMA) is located anterior to the primary motor cortex, and is considered to play an important role in planning, initiating and maintaining sequential motor actions. Disturbance of this area sometimes causes severe contralateral hemiplegia. If the disturbance doesn't affect the primary motor cortex, motor function will recover(More)
Progress in chemotherapy and cardiosurgery has remarkably decreased the mortality due to infective endocarditis (IE) in recent years. In chemotherapy for IE, parental administration of antibiotics has been used routinely, the patients suffer from the psychological and physiological burden due to frequent injections and long period of therapy, even though(More)
From Jan., 1985 to Mar., 1986 thirty-six patients with primary liver cancer received transcatheter arterial chemoembolization therapy with Cisplatin (100 mg) blended into Lipiodol (5 ml) and simple embolization therapy with Gelfoam particles. Thirty-three cases out of 36 had hepatocellular carcinoma, one had hepatoblastoma and one had adenocarcinoma. Ten(More)
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