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This work presents an assessment of different control techniques based on Limit Cycle Walking. The study is performed on a two-dimensional kneed bipedal simulator developed with Open Dynamics Engine, which includes realistic configuration of weight allocation, link length, inertia distribution and impacts. The controllers are model-based driven from an(More)
Dynamic models describing the ball-robot motion form the basis for developments in ball-robot mechanics and motion control systems. For this paper, we have conducted a literature review of decoupled forward-motion models for pendulum-driven ball-shaped robots. The existing models in the literature apply several different conventions in system definition and(More)
Acknowledgements I thank my supervisor, Professor Emiritus Aarne Halme, and instructor, Tomi Ylikorpi, for granting me the freedom to go far away from Finland, to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to study autonomous docking on the Axel rover. Tomi was particularly instrumental in arranging and establishing contacts at NASA, and throughout the thesis ,(More)
This article presents a few different methods to present a passive walker model in Adams MD R3 software and compares their simulation results to a walker model built in Matlab software. The discontinuous Matlab simulator applies manually entered mathematical equations to describe system dynamics while the Adams simulation software creates the dynamic models(More)
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