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— Nonlinear effects in single-crystal silicon microres-onators are analyzed with the focus on mechanical nonlinearities. The bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators are shown to have orders-of-magnitude higher energy storage capability than flex-ural beam resonators. The bifurcation point for the silicon BAW resonators is measured and the maximum vibration(More)
—A micromechanical 13.1-MHz bulk acoustic mode silicon resonator having a high quality factor (= 130 000) and high maximum drive level (= 0.12 mW at the hysteresis limit) is demonstrated. The prototype resonator is fabricated of single-crystal silicon by reactive ion etching of a silicon-on-insu-lator wafer. A demonstration oscillator based on the new(More)
—This paper presents building blocks for a proposed automotive intermodulation radar for detecting and identifying vulnerable road users (VRUs). The intermodulation radar transmits at two frequencies and it has receivers both for normal reflections and for reflections from VRUs at the intermodulation frequency. A possible radar architecture is presented and(More)
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