Tomi Lindroos

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Brightness measurement with an airborne or terrestrial laser scanner is a new concept since the intensity information recorded by the laser scanner detectors has, thus far, not been used or implemented in surface brightness studies. This is partly due to the calibration problems and the lack of information on the behavior of laser light in the observation(More)
A wide array of alternatives has been proposed as the common metrics with which to compare the climate impacts of different emission types. Different physical and economic metrics and their parameterizations give diverse weights between e.g. CH4 and CO2, and fixing the metric from one perspective makes it sub-optimal from another. As the aims of global(More)
Gas atomization is a well-known process for obtaining high quality metallic powders. It produces spherical high-density particles with a controllable particle size distribution. We used gas atomization to obtain two different Ni-Mn-Ga powders and investigated their microstructure, transformation temperatures and magnetic properties as well as the effects of(More)
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