Tomi Huttunen

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In this paper we investigate the feasibility of using the ultra weak variational formulation (UWVF) to solve the time-harmonic 3D elastic wave propagation problem. The UWVF is a non-polynomial volume based method that uses plane waves as basis functions which reduces the computational burden. More general, the UWVF is a special form of the discontinuous(More)
We investigate the ultra weak variational formulation for simulating time-harmonic Maxwell problems. This study has two main goals. First, we introduce a novel derivation of the UWVF method which shows that the UWVF is an unusual version of the standard upwind discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method with a special choice of basis functions. Second, we discuss(More)
A full-wave Helmholtz model of continuous-wave (CW) ultrasound fields may offer several attractive features over widely used partial-wave approximations. For example, many full-wave techniques can be easily adjusted for complex geometries, and multiple reflections of sound are automatically taken into account in the model. To date, however, the full-wave(More)
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