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To confirm and assess the clinical safety of equine rabies immunoglobulin (ERIG) administered locally for postexposure prophylaxis against rabies since human rabies immunoglobulin is too expensive to be affordable by most patients, a study was carried out among 3723 patients who attended the antirabies clinic, department of community medicine, MKCG Medical(More)
The Government of Orissa implemented the Revised Operational Strategy in September 1999 to integrate the NLEP functions into primary health care activities. An interventional strategy, in the form of consensus on job responsibilities and capacity-building through training of PHC staff, was developed and adopted in a rural block under the Department of(More)
Four Modified Leprosy Elimination Campaigns (MLECs) were conducted in Orissa by March 2003. Their impact on various leprosy indicators was analyzed. More than 70% of the people of the State were examined during these campaigns. The suspect rate decreased from 1.44% to 0.37% towards the fourth MLEC. About 15% of the suspects were clinically confirmed to be(More)
Introduction Removal of eye is indicated in animals in such cases when it has reached a point where it has no chance of being capable of return of sight and it is very painful to the patient (Mitchell, 2008). Trauma to the eye such as an infected scratch injury or puncture to the eye by fighting with other animal or hitting of the eye with sharp object),(More)
A hospital based study was conducted in the anti-rabies clinic of a medical college of Orissa during April 1988 to May 2002. Of 24 clinically diagnosed and reported rabies cases during the four years study period, 62.5% were children below 15 years of age, 67% were males, 87.5% were victims of stray dogs, 79% had not taken any anti-rabies treatment though(More)
BACKGROUND Right atrial mural thrombi (RAMT) are often seen in association with cardiac diseases or foreign bodies. Unusual locations at the flutter isthmus and the atrial appendage prompted us to evaluate our 2-year autopsy data on such thrombi. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the 2-year retrospective autopsy, the clinical and autopsy records of patients with(More)
Care of critically ill patient, requires spontaneous & accurate decisions so that life-protecting & lifesaving therapy can be properly applied. Statistics reveal that every minute a human is losing his/her life across the globe. More close in India, everyday many lives are affected by heart attacks and more importantly because the patients did not get(More)
Sixty-five leprosy patients residing in rural Digapahandi block of Ganjam district were studied during July-August 2001 in order to ascertain their perspectives regarding different MDT services after NLEP functions were integrated into primary health care (PHC) in Orissa after September 1999. They included 43.08% multibacillary (MB) cases and 61.92%(More)
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