Tomer Gueta

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Noninvasive genetic sampling has increasingly been used in ecological and conservation studies during the last decade. A major part of the noninvasive genetic literature is dedicated to the search for optimal protocols, by comparing different methods of collection, preservation and extraction of DNA from noninvasive materials. However, the lack of(More)
Understanding the dynamics of genetic structures which arise during a population’s range expansion can be applied to the conservation of recovering species and species that are shifting their range. Theoretical models, supported by several empirical findings, have indicated that fine-scaled genetic structure can arise at the wave front of a spatially(More)
Species distribution models (SDMs) are often limited by the use of coarse-resolution environmental variables and by the number of observations required for their calibration. This is particularly true in the case of elusive animals. Here, we developed a SDM by combining three elements: a database of explanatory variables, mapped at a fine resolution; a(More)
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