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Nowadays, mobile network operators try to create the novel services in order to increase advantages of existing telecommunication services. Providing many personalized services for mobile phone users is one of the best ways for achieving this. Location is the most important of personalized services. LBS are vital for our life which contain a lot of(More)
Estimation of the time since death is important in forensic medicine, and so far not much is known in employing dental pulp for such purposes. The tooth organ is the hardest organ in the human body, with a loose connective tissue of dental pulp situated within a rigid encasement of mineralized surrounding tissues. Human material was obtained from 31 corpses(More)
The paper investigates the impact of text and background color combinations on the legibility of text presented on LCDs. The legibility of 56 elementary color combinations was tested by 308 participants. The first task required the participants to identify 21 uppercase alphabetic characters selected and presented in conformance with a Snellen chart in(More)