Tomaz Pozrl

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This paper presents two different methods for diversifying recommendations that were developed as part of the ESWC2014 challenge. Both methods focus on post-processing recommendations provided by the baseline recommender system and have increased the ILD at the cost of final precision (measured with F@20). The authors feel that this method has potential yet(More)
Požrl T., Kopjar M., Kurent I., Hribar J., Janeš A., Simčič M. (2009): Phytate degradation during breadmaking: The influence of flour type and breadmaking procedures. Czech J. Food Sci., 27: 29–38. Phytic acid has been considered to be an antinutrient due to its ability to bind minerals and proteins, either directly or indirectly, thus changing their(More)
This paper presents three different methods for diversifying search results, that were developed as part of our user modelling research. All three methods focus on post-processing search results provided by the baseline recommender systems and increase the diversity (measured with ILD@20) at the cost of final precision (measured with F@20). The authors feel(More)
The impact of malting on the profile of the phenolic compounds and the antioxidant properties of two buckwheat varieties was investigated. The highest relative increases in phenolic compounds were observed for isoorientin, orientin, and isovitexin, which are consequently major inducible phenolic compounds during malting. Only a minor relative increase was(More)
The oxidation processes were studied in chicken patties, enriched with n-3 fatty acids, after 8days of storage at 4°C, under different aerobic conditions, and following heat treatment. Significant effects were seen on lipid and cholesterol oxidation and the sensory qualities for whole flaxseed addition in the chicken feed (i.e., n-3 fatty acid enrichment),(More)
Aroma is one of the most important quality properties of food products and has a great influence on quality and acceptability of foods. Since it is very difficult to control, in this study the effect of addition of trehalose (3, 5 and 10%) to freeze-dried strawberry cream fillings was investigated as a possible means for retention of some of the aroma(More)
This study provides a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of phenolics in strawberry spreads processed according to different industrial procedures and stored under several storage conditions for up to 19 weeks. Total phenolics were determined spectrophotometrically, and individual phenolics were determined by combined liquid chromatography and mass(More)
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