Tomaz Lusin

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This paper describes the measurement and nonparametric estimation of phase difference with stronger inhibition of spectral leakage. The phase difference is estimated by discrete Fourier transform coefficients around component peaks using Rife-Vincent windows class I (RV1) and the minimum side-lobe level (MSL) windows. Selecting a suitable window order, MSL(More)
High quality analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion is obtained using the non-uniform exponential tracking procedure. Samples of the analog signal and differences of the previous estimations are cycled rapidly through a non-uniform coarse quntizer while the round off error is fed back and subtracted from the input. It has been shown that the proposed A/D(More)
To improve the estimation of active power, the possibility of estimating the amplitude square of a signal component using the interpolation of the squared amplitude discrete Fourier transform (DFT) coefficients is presented. As with an energy-based approach, the amplitude square can be estimated with the squared amplitude DFT coefficients around the(More)
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