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Studies on several cities around the world confirm that urban soils are subject to heavy anthropogenic disturbance. However, these surveys are difficult to compare due to a lack of common sampling and analytical protocols. In this study the soils of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sevilla (Spain), and Torino (Italy) were extensively sampled and analyzed using common(More)
Soils from Aveiro, Glasgow, Ljubljana, Sevilla and Torino have been investigated in view of their potential for translocation of potentially toxic elements (PTE) to the atmosphere. Soils were partitioned into five size fractions and Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn were measured in the fractions and the whole soil. All PTE concentrated in the <10 microm fraction. Cr(More)
Use of a harmonised sampling regime has allowed comparison of concentrations of copper, chromium, nickel, lead and zinc in six urban parks located in different European cities differing markedly in their climate and industrial history. Wide concentrations ranges were found for copper, lead and zinc at most sites, but for chromium and nickel a wide range was(More)
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