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Orange is a machine learning and data mining suite for data analysis through Python scripting and visual programming. Here we report on the scripting part, which features interactive data analysis and component-based assembly of data mining procedures. In the selection and design of components, we focus on the flexibility of their reuse: our principal(More)
Graphlet analysis is an approach to network analysis that is particularly popular in bioinformatics. We show how to set up a system of linear equations that relate the orbit counts and can be used in an algorithm that is significantly faster than the existing approaches based on direct enumeration of graphlets. The approach presented in this paper presents(More)
H ow fast can you count stars? Not those in the night sky, but stars present in a network. The two types of stars are rather different, but they share some properties. They are both interesting to observe and neither is trivial to count. Social networks might be the most ubiquitous example of networks encountered by an everyday person. However, networks are(More)
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