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The book describes the author’s new software package, called “The Virtual Leader”. Although it does not seem so at the first glance (because of the rather formal cover design), this book attracts you like a good novel and as you start to read it then you read it every evening till you are through. In the book after the description of his earlier(More)
In the thoracic part of the ventral cord ofNezara viridula four vibratory interneuron types were electrophysiologically identified and classified. They show different frequency-intensity characteristics, the LFVI, LFTVI and LFSVI being most sensitive in the low frequency region between 100 and 600 Hz and the HFVI being most sensitive in the higher frequency(More)
In a number of invertebrate systems, neurons are known which activate rhythmic motor output [1]. However, neurons that affect rhythmic activity by inhibition have been found as well, e.g., the IVN interneurons in the lobster (reviewed in [2]). Recently, the insect subesophageal ganglion (SEG) has been found to be a center in which inputs from the brain and(More)
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Because of new social and professional challenges, especially in the developed countries, there is a trend towards change and quality assurance is taking place in medical education over the past 20 years. In Heidelberg, the new way of teaching the students by general practitioners includes quality assurance by questionnaires, reports of practice visits,(More)