Tomasz Zernicki

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A generalized scheme for mapping stereo audio channels onto coding channels is considered in the paper. An improved joint stereo transform−based perceptual audio coder is proposed that employs this scheme instead of MS coding. The discussed frequency−dependent matrixing scheme uses a free rotation of the two−dimensional signal space adapted to the dominant(More)
The new eSBR tool of MPEG-D Universal Speech and Audio Coding offers a great advantage in compression of high frequency content, however it produces audible artifacts for sounds whose pitch frequencies are strongly variable or exceeding the split frequency of eSBR. We propose an extension of the forthcoming standard by adding a high frequency sinusoidal(More)
— The H.264/AVC is the most recent standard of video compression. In this paper, an original and efficient architecture of inter prediction block in an H.264/AVC decoder is presented. It is shown that the bit-serial arithmetic can be successfully used for interpolation filter implementation and the resulting architecture is fully pipe-lined. The inter(More)
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