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Proposed is a new technique of effective regeneration of high-frequency tonal components in an augmented MPEG-4 AAC HE decoder. The basic idea is to synthesize the tonal components using the technique called synthetic sinusoidal coding that is already adopted in the MPEG-4 codecs in another context. Here, the idea is to mix this technique with standard(More)
The paper presents a simple, yet very effective tracking technique for time-varying sinusoidal partials within sinusoidal and hybrid models of speech and audio. The issues of several existing tracking techniques are discussed in the paper. We extend the classic tracking algorithm of McAulay and Quatieri by the inclusion of frequency and amplitude skew(More)
The new eSBR tool of MPEG-D Universal Speech and Audio Coding offers a great advantage in compression of high frequency content, however it produces audible artifacts for sounds whose pitch frequencies are strongly variable or exceeding the split frequency of eSBR. We propose an extension of the forthcoming standard by adding a high frequency sinusoidal(More)
While the vision for the Connected Car has existed for some time, realizing it is proving a challenge. In this paper, we examine candidate car-mobile integration solutions which are necessary to deliver innovative advanced telematics services. We note the key role of the mobile in delivering these new services, primarily due to the rate of growth of mobile(More)
A generalized scheme for mapping stereo audio channels onto coding channels is considered in the paper. An improved joint stereo transform-based perceptual audio coder is proposed that employs this scheme instead of MS coding. The discussed frequency-dependent matrixing scheme uses a free rotation of the two-dimensional signal space adapted to the dominant(More)
The papers at this Convention have been selected on the basis of a submitted abstract and extended precis that have been peer reviewed by at least two qualified anonymous reviewers. This convention paper has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, without editing, corrections, or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no(More)
This paper presents a prototype of a 3D audio recording system named AudioSense which uses Wireless Acoustic Sensors to capture spatial audio. The sound is recorded in real-time by microphones embedded in each sensor device and streamed to a Processing Unit for 3D audio compression. One of the key problems in systems which stream audio data is end-to-end(More)
The H.264/AVC is the most recent standard of video compression. In this paper, an original and efficient architecture of inter prediction block in an H.264/AVC decoder is presented. It is shown that the bit-serial arithmetic can be successfully used for interpolation filter implementation and the resulting architecture is fully pipelined. The inter(More)