Tomasz Zaremba

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Uracil may arise in DNA as a result of spontaneous cytosine deamination and/or misincorporation of dUMP during DNA replication. In this paper we will review: (i) sources of the origin of uracil in DNA; (ii) some properties of the enzymes responsible for the excision of uracil and their role in the Ig diversification process, which comprises somatic(More)
Oxidative damage DNA is aninevitable, natural consequence of cellular metabolism resulting from formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) including free oxygen radicals. However, the level ofthe damage may increase under conditions of oxidative stress, arising from exposure to a variety of physical or chemical insults. In this review we present the(More)
The systems monitoring the location of public transport vehicles rely on wireless transmission. The location readings from GPSbased devices are received with some latency caused by periodical data transmission and temporal problems preventing data transmission. This negatively affects identification of delayed vehicles. The primary objective of the work is(More)
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