Tomasz W. Turowski

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Maf1 is negative regulator of RNA polymerase III in yeast. We observed high levels of both primary transcript and end-matured, intron-containing pre-tRNAs in the maf1Δ strain. This pre-tRNA accumulation could be overcome by transcription inhibition, arguing against a direct role of Maf1 in tRNA maturation and suggesting saturation of processing machinery by(More)
The highly abundant, small stable RNAs that are synthesized by RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) have key functional roles, particularly in the protein synthesis apparatus. Their expression is metabolically demanding, and is therefore coupled to changing demands for protein synthesis during cell growth and division. Here, we review the regulatory mechanisms that(More)
Eukaryotic ribosomes are synthesized in a complex, multistep pathway. This begins with transcription of the rDNA genes by a specialized RNA polymerase, accompanied by the cotranscriptional binding of large numbers of ribosome synthesis factors, small nucleolar RNAs and ribosomal proteins. Cleavage of the nascent transcript releases the early pre-40S and(More)
tRNA biogenesis in yeast involves the synthesis of the initial transcript by RNA polymerase III followed by processing and controlled degradation in both the nucleus and the cytoplasm. A vast landscape of regulatory elements controlling tRNA stability in yeast has emerged from recent studies. Diverse pathways of tRNA maturation generate multiple stable and(More)
tRNA precursors, which are transcribed by RNA polymerase III, undergo end-maturation, splicing, and base modifications. Hypomodified tRNAs, such as tRNA(Val(AAC)), lacking 7-methylguanosine and 5-methylcytidine modifications, are subject to degradation by a rapid tRNA decay pathway. Here we searched for genes which, when overexpressed, restored stability of(More)
Within the past decade, there has been much progress delineating mechanisms by which RNA polymerase III (Pol III)-mediated tRNA transcription is controlled. Those studies mostly concentrated on Maf1, a general repressor, which transfers environmental signals to Pol III. Now we performed a genome-wide analysis of nascent transcripts attached to Pol III under(More)
RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) synthesizes a range of highly abundant small stable RNAs, principally pre-tRNAs. Here we report the genome-wide analysis of nascent transcripts attached to RNAPIII under permissive and restrictive growth conditions. This revealed strikingly uneven polymerase distributions across transcription units, generally with a predominant(More)
During the last step in 40S ribosome subunit biogenesis, the PIN-domain endonuclease Nob1 cleaves the 20S pre-rRNA at site D, to form the mature 18S rRNAs. Here we report that cleavage occurs in particles that have largely been stripped of previously characterized pre-40S components, but retain the endonuclease Nob1, its binding partner Pno1 (Dim2) and the(More)
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