Tomasz Szkoda

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The modeling of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus helicase ATPase catalytic domain was performed using the protein structure prediction Meta Server and the 3D Jury method for model selection, which resulted in the identification of 1JPR, 1UAA and 1W36 PDB structures as suitable templates for creating a full atom 3D model. This model was(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of relationships between survival time of patients with advanced, non-resectable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and telomerase activity in aspirates, collected from primary lung tumours, and serum p53 protein levels. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study group consisted of 52 patients with advanced (stage IIIB and IV) non-small cell lung(More)
BACKGROUND A study was undertaken to evaluate the usefulness of telomerase activity assay in transthoracic fine needle biopsy (TFNB) aspirates collected from peripheral tumours of the lung in predicting the malignant aetiology of lung infiltrations. METHODS 100 patients with a peripheral infiltration of the lung underwent TFNB of the focal lesion. The(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the relationship between telomerase activity in transthoracic fine-needle biopsy (TFNB) aspirates collected from peripheral non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), cancer advancement, risk of death and free of cancer recurrence survival. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study group consisted of 93 patients with peripheral infiltration of the(More)
Telomerase synthesizes telomeric DNA repeats at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes and inhibits the natural senescence of different cells. Its increased activity in malignant tumors is considered to be an independent prognostic factor of the disease course. Aim of the study was valuation of influence of prolonged tobacco smoking on telomerase expression in(More)
In the fifties and the sixties of 20th century big epidemic and increasing numbers of poliomyelitis cases were observed in Poland as well in other countries of Europe and world. Inactivated Salk's vaccine in injections as well as oral attenuated vaccine were introduced to the control and prevention of this disease. As the result of it poliomyelitis was(More)
A method of collecting pharyngeal and oral swabs from humans and laboratory rats, to be examined later for Pneumocystis infection with simple and nested PCR, was developed. The swabs were obtained from 15 HIV-infected patients, including 5 suffering from PCP, and from 10 immunocompetent children aged 2 to 6 years. Furthermore, the swabs were taken from 30(More)
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