Tomasz Sadkowski

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The idea of the Internet of Things, which emerged in recent years, became one of the main fields of interest in industrial and academic research. The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is one of the technologies aspiring to a standard in the IoT world. CoAP was designed to provide a low-overhead, machine-to-machine communication for constrained devices(More)
Adult skeletal muscle myogenesis depends on the activation of satellite cells that have the potential to differentiate into new fibers. Gamma-oryzanol (GO), a commercially available nutriactive phytochemical, has gained global interest on account of its muscle-building and regenerating effects. Here, we investigated GO for its potential influence on(More)
β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a popular ergogenic aid used by human athletes and as a supplement to sport horses, because of its ability to aid muscle recovery, improve performance and body composition. Recent findings suggest that HMB may stimulate satellite cells and affect expressions of genes regulating skeletal muscle cell growth. Despite the(More)
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