Tomasz R. Surmacz

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you know anyone who has been diagnosed as having PWS or may have had five of the following characteris-tics? Floppiness at birth. Initial failure to thrive or diYculty in sucking. The development of severe overeating and rapid weight gain in early childhood. Obesity or the need for weight control. Problems with sexual development (for example, unde-scended(More)
A risk of covert insertion of circuitry into reconfigurable computing (RC) systems exists. This paper reviews risks of hardware attack on field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based RC systems and proposes a method for secure system credentials generation (unique, random and partially anonymous) and trusted self-reconfiguration, using a secure(More)
E-mail system has been designed once to be one of the most reliable internet services. All possible steps were taken in the protocol to assure either a positive delivery of e-mail or the return of an error message. This is now circumvented in many ways by various antispam techniques and the SMTP protocol cannot be considered reliable anymore. The paper(More)
As reconfigurable computing systems become more popular, concerns arise about their security and integrity. Runtime access to the configuration memory of dynamic partially reconfigurable FPGA devices offers new design possibilities, but also introduces security threats. This paper discusses various security threats present in such systems. The paper(More)
In this paper we introduce important aspects of the recently published DASH7 Alliance Protocol v1.0 specification for wireless sensor and actuator networks. The main contribution of this paper is the discussion of the different communication schemes and the accompanying trade-offs which can be used when designing a DASH7 network. Finally, we describe two(More)
This paper proposes and analyses properties of transmission power control mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks based on estimated packet reception rate. The algorithm is dedicated for low power wireless networks and its aim is to minimise average cost of radio transmission, reduce retransmissions and interferences between network nodes.
Usenet news is a worldwide network of servers providing discussion forums with topics ranging from scientific research to hobbies, entertainment or politics. Redundant links between servers are used to provide fault tolerant operation of individual servers despite the possible network link failures. As the volume of news articles can take up to 200(More)
Measuring internet traffic related to NNTP protocol (Usenet News) provides vital information needed for optimum news server configuration. However, gathering data is usually restricted to the " local view " , even though in networked environment an overview of the neighbourhood traffic would be more appropriate. This article describes method of gathering(More)