Tomasz Praczyk

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The paper presents a new Artificial Neural Network (ANN) encoding method called Assembler Encoding (AE). It assumes that the ANN is encoded in the form of a program (Assembler Encoding Program, AEP) of a linear organization and of a structure similar to the structure of a simple assembler program. The task of the AEP is to create a Connectivity Matrix (CM)(More)
Assembler Encoding represents a neural network in the form of a simple program called Assembler Encoding Program. The task of the program is to create the so-called Network Definition Matrix, which maintains all the information necessary to construct a network. To generate the programs and, in consequence, neural networks, evolutionary techniques are used.(More)
—This paper presents a new neural network encoding method called Assembler Encoding. The method was tentatively tested in the predator-prey problem. In the experiments, neural networks created by means Assembler Encoding, were used to control predators whose task was to capture a fast moving prey behaving according to a simple strategy. To compare Assembler(More)