Tomasz Praczyk

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Assembler Encoding is the Artificial Neural Network encoding method. To date, Assembler Encoding has been tested in the optimization problem and in the so-called predator-prey problem. The paper reports experiments in a next test problem, i.e. in the inverted pendulum problem. To compare Assembler Encoding with other Artificial Neural Network encoding(More)
The paper presents a new Artificial Neural Network (ANN) encoding method called Assembler Encoding (AE). It assumes that the ANN is encoded in the form of a program (Assembler Encoding Program, AEP) of a linear organization and of a structure similar to the structure of a simple assembler program. The task of the AEP is to create a Connectivity Matrix (CM)(More)
Assembler Encoding represents a neural network in the form of a simple program called Assembler Encoding Program. The task of the program is to create the so-called Network Definition Matrix, which maintains all the information necessary to construct a network. To generate the programs and, in consequence, neural networks, evolutionary techniques are used.(More)
In recent years increasing interest in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) has been observed. AUVs can be applied to a wide range of tasks, for example, to inspect various underwater objects. Many applications require cooperation between AUVs. In order for AUVs to cooperate, the system coordinating movements of individual AUVs has to be designed. To obtain(More)
This paper presents a new neural network encoding method called Assembler Encoding. The method was tentatively tested in the predator-prey problem. In the experiments, neural networks created by means Assembler Encoding, were used to control predators whose task was to capture a fast moving prey behaving according to a simple strategy. To compare Assembler(More)
The problem of continuous position availability is one of the most important issues connected with the human activity at sea. Because the availability of satellite navigational systems can be limited in some cases, e.g. during military operations, one has to consider additional methods of acquiring information about the ship’s position. In this paper one of(More)