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The paper presents a new Artificial Neural Network (ANN) encoding method called Assembler Encoding (AE). It assumes that the ANN is encoded in the form of a program (Assembler Encoding Program, AEP) of a linear organization and of a structure similar to the structure of a simple assembler program. The task of the AEP is to create a Connectivity Matrix (CM)(More)
The paper presents conception of research whose the main goal is to build an anti-collision system of Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV. To build the system, neural-evolutionary-fuzzy algorithm is proposed. In the introduction, Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV called edredon is presented. In the next section, the main idea of the system is described. Then, a way of(More)
The paper reports the research whose the goal was to test whether genetic algorithms are able to effectively and quickly determine a route for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). In a normal working mode, the vehicle is manually controlled from Mobile Command Center (MCC) located on the seashore or on a ship. However, when a radio-connection between the(More)