Tomasz P. Jannson

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Substrate wave propagation and Bragg diffraction by multiplexed holographic gratings have been used to demonstrate a new 1-to-30 fanout optical interconnect having an overall diffraction efficiency of 87.8% at 514.5 nm and an individual channel efficiency of approximately 3.0 +/- 0.8%. The device configuration utilizes the large multiplexing capability of(More)
We present theoretical and experimental results of a novel fiber-optic wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) design employing a broadband (>150-nm) dichromated gelatin volume holographic grating operating in a reflective Littrow configuration with on-axis optics, a single lens, and one fiber array. This configuration can achieve better than -1.5-dB(More)
We have observed waveguiding in thin films of polymer gelatin on GaAs, LiNbO(3), glass, and aluminum substrates. A graded-index profile can be induced in the gelatin layer and tuned by wet processing. This makes it possible to form waveguides on any smooth surface. Locally sensitizing the gelatin waveguide with ammonium dichromate allows us to integrate(More)
Expressions are derived, valid within the accuracy of the first Born approximation, for the cross-spectral density and for the spectral intensity of the field that is produced by scattering of radiation of any state of spatial coherence. The results are illustrated by examples that show quantitatively the difference between scattering of laser light and of(More)
Optical interconnects for very large scale integration systems based on planar waveguide holograms are analyzed. The combination of low loss waveguides and multiplexed waveguide holograms allows the construction of various compact planar architectures with high interconnect density and low insertion loss. The long interaction lengths possible in planar(More)
In this work, we have developed a new bio-inspired neural network algorithms for blockbased motion estimation. The main goal is to bridge the gap between algorithmic and biological vision by suggesting a bio-inspired motion estimation model based on neural network. We simplify the matching criterion for the block matching algorithm to reduce the hardware(More)
We have fabricated and experimentally tested low-cost and mass-producible multimode fiber-optic couplers and connectors based on nonimaging beam-expanding optics and Liouville's theorem. Analysis indicates that a pair coupling loss of -0.25 dB can be achieved. Experimentally, we measured insertion losses as low as -0.38 dB. The beam expanders can be mass(More)
In order to make highly parallel large-scale optical adaptive neural computers for recognition, vision, and other man-machine interface applications, a new technological approach to all-optic neurons and adaptive synapses of layered and segmented neural architectures is approached. Basic optical elements will be used in the proposed three-layer segmented(More)