Tomasz Olesinski

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Despite the findings of several randomized clinical studies, the role of gentamicin collagen implant (GCI) in rectal cancer surgery is unclear. Local pelvic application of GCI following preoperative radiotherapy and total mesorectal excision (TME) was evaluated to determine the risk of surgical site infections (SSI). In this single-center trial, 176(More)
The results of spectroscopic measurements (increase in solubility, equilibrium dialysis, (1)H NMR titration) and calorimetric measurements (isothermal titration ITC) indicate exothermic (ΔH<0) and spontaneous (ΔG < 0) combination of an antitumor drug, 5-fluorouracil, by both cationic PAMAM G5-NH2 dendrimer and its hydroxyl analog PAMAM G5-OH in aqueous(More)
Tympanic sinus is located at the medial wall of the tympanic cavity. It's visualisation is difficult from most of approaches. Tympanic sinus is often filled with cholesteatoma in course of chronic otitis. Intraoperative assessment of tympanic sinus was performed in 29 patients with facial recess cholesteatoma, and in 20 patients with acoustic neuroma(More)
Examination of the entire colon by colonoscopy remains the golden standard for screening of colorectal cancer (CRC). However, patients are reluctant to perform invasive colonoscopies because of interference with their intimacy. Therefore, the potential use of non-invasive analysis of microRNAs expression in liquid biopsy as a novel biomarker for early CRC(More)
The paper contains a description of the case--63 year old patient with surgery due locally advanced cancer of the gastric cardia. In 28 postoperative day symptoms of GI bleeding occurred. Despite the endoscopic attempts undertaken to stop bleeding, the patient died in the course of hemorrhagic shock. Posed by the post-mortem consider: aorto-esophageal(More)
Searching for the methods, which may improve the visualisation of the membranous labyrinth, authors decided to evaluate autofluorescence of the membranous structures of the inner ear. The analysis of the inner ear autofluorescence parameters was performed. We assessed, whether the detected differences in autofluorescence between the bony elements and the(More)
The authors described a technique and presented the results of the modified labyrinthectomy in 9 cases. A labyrinthectomy was performed during the removal of neuromas by translabirynthine approach, in advanced unilateral Meniere disease, in a huge perylimphatic fistula and in a case of labyrinthitis latens. In 3 cases of the neuromas removal the residual(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this prospective study was to compare subjective and objective quality of life (QoL) of gastric cancer patients after total gastrectomy with and without preservation of the duodenal passage during short- and long-term follow-up. METHODS The study included 68 patients, among them 37 (54%) persons subjected to total gastrectomy with(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to verify the accuracy of the existing scoring system for the assessment of anastomotic leakage risk after anterior resection and to identify additional risk factors that were not included in this classification. METHODS The study included 501 consecutive rectal cancer patients who underwent anterior resection without(More)