Tomasz Muszynski

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Die Kyphoplastie ist ein hervorragendes Verfahren zur Behandlung osteoporotischer Sinterungsfrakturen der Wirbelsäule. Sie führt zur Aufrichtung der Kyphose und zur signifikanten Schmerzreduktion. Der Sachkostenanteil ist mit 53% aber sehr hoch. Ist die Kyphoplastie so kostendeckend möglich? Anhand einer Prozesskostenanalyse wurden die Verläufe vom(More)
This paper describes FRR wheeled rescue robot which being developed in Robots & Engineering Equipment Team of Military University of Technology. There have been presented also short description of planned to performing by Fire Rescue Robot FRR tasks and caused by them problems to solve. Next have been described the method and model enable to carry out(More)
This paper presents the results of 3 tons skid steer 6×6 wheel robot drive system field tests. The aim of the investigation was verification of assumed data for drive train design and forces identification in the drivetrain system during maneuvering and crossing obstacles. Robot has hydraulics drive system with motors in the wheels and hydraulic(More)
Although much more about the safe and effective management of pain in children is now known, this knowledge has not been widely or effectively translated into routine clinical practice. Pain in children is still a big problem even thought available many possibilities to cure it. Malpractice during postoperative period influence not only for recovery, but(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate release of the trace elements from carbon dioxide absorbent containing soda lime during general anesthesia. We compared two suppliers Polish "Polfa" and German "Dräger". Following trace elements were evaluated: chromium, copper, zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel in soda lime. In blood of the patients we evaluated: copper,(More)
The ability of the somatosensory system to detect noxious and potentially tissue-damaging stimuli is an important protective mechanism, that involves multiple interacting peripheral and central mechanisms. The postoperative pain is related with surgical procedure irrevocable. The effective relief of pain is of paramount importance to anyone treating(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of mivacurium (Mivacron--GlaxoWellcome) during combined general anaesthesia in the operations on the facial cranium, after tracheal intubation performed using suxamethonium chloride (Chlorsuccillin--Polfa PL). We examined 20 patients, 17-65 years old, who were underwent operations due to facial and(More)
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