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BACKGROUND The goal of the study is presentation broad abilities like gives Ilizarov method in the treatment of posttraumatic nonunion the of forearm with concomitant shortening and axis deformity, in minimally invasive technique, with contemporary axis correction and lengthening . MATERIAL AND METHODS . Authors present 6 patient operated on with the use(More)
In this paper we consider an adaptation of counter abstraction for the CSP/FDR setting. The technique allows us to transform a concurrent system with an unbounded number of agents into a finite-state abstraction. The systems to which the method can be applied are composed of many identical node processes that run in parallel with a controller process.(More)
This article reports on the activation of dioxygen on nickel(I) dispersed inside the nanopores of the ZSM-5 zeolite, which can be regarded as a heterogeneous mimetic system (zeozyme) for Ni-bearing enzymes. The side-on η(2)-coordination of the resulting nickel-bound superoxo adduct was ascertained by detailed analysis of the EPR spectra of both (16)O(2) and(More)
Materials exhibiting excitation-wavelength-dependent photoluminescence, PL, are useful in a range of biomedical and optoelectronic applications. This paper describes a nanoparticulate material whose PL is tunable across the entire visible range and is achieved without adjusting particle size, any post-synthetic doping, or surface modification. A(More)
Interaction of tetracoordinated nickel(I) centers generated inside the channels of ZSM-5 zeolite with carbon monoxide ((12,13)CO, pCO < 1 Torr) led to the formation of T-shaped, top-on monocarbonyl adducts with a unique trigonal nickel core, supported by two oxygen donor ligands. The mechanism of the formation of the {Ni(I)-CO}ZSM-5 species was accounted(More)
Wstêp. Celem pracy jest przedstawienie szerokich mo¿liwoœci, jakie daje metoda Ilizarowa w leczeniu pourazowych stawów rzekomych przedramienia z towarzysz1cym skróceniem i zniekszta3ceniem osi, w sposób zamkniêty, z jednoczesn1 korekcj1 osi i wyd3u¿aniem. Materia3 i metoda. Autorzy prezentuj1 6 chorych leczonych operacyjnie wg metody Ilizarowa w latach(More)
The Parameterised Model Checking Problem asks whether an implementation Impl(t) satisfies a specification Spec(t) for all instantiations of parameter t . In general, t can determine numerous entities: the number of processes used in a network, the type of data, the capacities of buffers, etc. The main theme of this paper is automation of uniform(More)