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In this paper we consider an adaptation of counter abstraction for the CSP/FDR setting. The technique allows us to transform a concurrent system with an unbounded number of agents into a finite-state abstraction. The systems to which the method can be applied are composed of many identical node processes that run in parallel with a controller process.(More)
The Parameterised Model Checking Problem asks whether an implementation Impl (t) satisfies a specification Spec(t) for all instantiations of parameter t. In general, t can determine numerous entities: the number of processes used in a network, the type of data, the capacities of buffers, etc. The main theme of this paper is automation of uniform(More)
Zastosowania osteogenezy dystrakcyjno-kompresyjnej w leczeniu pourazowych stawów rzekomych przedramienia Treatment of non-union of forearm bones using distraction-compression osteogenesis SUMMARY Background. The goal of the study is presentation broad abilities like gives Ilizarov method in the treatment of posttraumatic nonu-nion the of forearm with(More)
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