Tomasz Lukaszewski

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We propose a new method for mining frequent patterns in a language that combines both Semantic Web ontologies and rules. In particular we consider the setting of using a language that combines description logics with DL-safe rules. This setting is important for the practical application of data mining to the Semantic Web. We focus on the relation of the(More)
Tetrachloroethylene was indicated in the accidental death of a man clearing a line in a dry-cleaning establishment. Blood and tissue concentrations were measured by gas chromatography-mass fragmentography. Distribution of tetrachloroethylene was consistent with its lipophilic properties, being highest in the brain and lowest in the lung tissue.
Estimation of telomerase activity in cell nuclei of ovarian malignant tumours may provide an independent prognostic index. The test for telomerase activity in tumour cell nuclei may be accepted as a useful diagnostic test with application for differential diagnoses of benign ovarian tumours vs tumours of a borderline or malignant character.
An algorithm for updating the evidence in the Dempster–Shafer theory is presented. The algorithm is based on an idea of indices. These indices are used to code the process of reasoning under uncertainty (the combination of evidence)using the Dempster-Shafer theory. The algorithm allows to carry out the reasoning with updating the evidence in much more(More)
An extraction procedure is described that allows the application of a commercially available enzyme-multiplied immunoassay technique to the measurement of digoxin in whole blood, liver, and kidney. The concentrations of digoxin were measured in tissues obtained at autopsy from five patients who had been taking therapeutic doses of digoxin prior to death.(More)