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Head and neck paragangliomas are tumors arising from specialized neural crest cells. Prominent locations are the carotid body along with the vagal, jugular, and tympanic glomus. Head and neck paragangliomas are slowly growing tumors, with some carotid body tumors being reported to exist for many years as a painless lateral mass on the neck. Symptoms depend(More)
UNLABELLED The introduction of minimally invasive surgical procedures has significantly reduced the rate of major salivary gland removal due to sialolithiasis. The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of sialoendoscopy, rate of salivary fistula or natural ostium stenosis in parotid sialolithiasis treatment. The endpoint was to analyse the(More)
The inner part of cochlear implant is inserted into inner ear during surgery through mastoid and middle ear. It is a classical method, used in the majority cochlear centers in the world. This is not a suitable method in case of chronic otitis media and middle ear malformation. In these cases Colletti proposed the middle fossa approach and cochlear implant(More)
Our research was conducted to determine the algorithm changes during the treatment of submandibular sialolithiasis. Two time periods were compared between 2004-2008 and 2009-2012. The turning point was December 2008, when sialendoscopy procedure was introduced. In the first period, 48 patients were treated: 31 outpatient duct incisions with stone evacuation(More)
Sonoelastography is a novel technique, useful in a noninvasive assessment of lesions in multiple organs. The aim of the study was to examine whether the combination of conventional ultrasonography (US) with sonoelastography might improve the reliability of parotid tumor evaluation. Fourty-three consecutive patients with parotid tumors were surgically(More)
Cholesteatoma represents progressive expansion of the keratinizing squamous epithelium in the middle ear with subsequent chronic inflammation in subepithelial connective tissues. The hypothesis was tested that receptor for advanced glycation endproduct (RAGE) and its ligand, high-mobility box 1 (HMGB1), are overexpressed in cholesteatoma, and the RAGE/HMGB1(More)
INTRODUCTION Stensen's duct injuries are uncommon but troublesome sequelae of facial surgery or other external traumas. AIM To investigate the feasibility of sialendoscopic control of Stensen's duct in iatrogenic injuries and the efficiency of botulinum toxin adjuvant therapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 2008 and 2010, 5 patients with parotid sialoceles or(More)
INTRODUCTION Sialendoscopy is a miniinvasive procedure which shows the excretory ducts of the salivary glands. AIM To evaluate patient satisfaction with sialendoscopy in submandibular and parotid gland sialolithiasis. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study group included 100 consecutive patients with sialolithiasis, treated by means of sialendoscopy. The(More)
BACKGROUND Shear wave elastography (SWE) is widely used in breast, liver, prostate and thyroid evaluations. Elastography provides additional information if used to assess parotid gland pathology. We assessed parotid glands by means of SWE to compare the parenchyma properties in different types of inflammation. MATERIAL/METHODS Prospective analysis(More)
115 cochlear implantation were performed in ENT Department Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznań in 1994-2001. Nucleus Mini System 22 and Nucleus 24 of Cochlear Ltd were used in these operations. Two approaches were performed: middle fossa approach in one case and traditional one. The aim of this study was evaluation of cochleogram and(More)