Tomasz Jadczyk

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The comparison of eight tools applicable to ligand-binding site prediction is presented. The methods examined cover three types of approaches: the geometrical (CASTp, PASS, Pocket-Finder), the physicochemical (Q-SiteFinder, FOD) and the knowledge-based (ConSurf, SuMo, WebFEATURE). The accuracy of predictions was measured in reference to the catalytic(More)
The phenomena of filled pauses and breaths pose a challenge to Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems dealing with spontaneous speech, including recognizer modules in Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) systems. We suggest a method based on Hidden Markov Models (HMM), which is easily integrated into HMM-based ASR systems and allows detection of those(More)
There are well-known side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are mainly related to the toxicity and impaired function of vital organs; however, the induction by these therapies of expression of several pro-metastatic factors in various tissues and organs that in toto create a pro-metastatic microenvironment is still, surprisingly, not widely(More)
The biggest audiovisual database of Polish speech (and the only one made in HD quality) is presented. The paper shortly introduces description of similar databases for other languages and the technical specification of the AGH database. The challenges met during the process of building the database are discussed along with the planned applications. 1.(More)