Tomasz Hornowski

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The effect of magnetic field on the structure formation in an oil-based magnetic fluid with various concentrations of magnetite particles was studied. The evaluation of the experimental data obtained from small-angle X-ray scattering and ultrasonic attenuation indicates the formation of chain-like aggregates composed of magnetite particles. The experimental(More)
A study is presented of occlusosonograms obtained from healthy subjects and patients with periodontal diseases and gnathic problems. Gnathosonic examinations were carried out by means of a set of equipment whose basic elements were two piezoceramic transducers mounted on a specially made holder and an IBM PC with an ADC card. The evaluation of(More)
Magnetic liquids are stable colloidal suspensions of nano-sized magnetic particles in a carrier liquid medium. In the present paper the determination of the particle size distribution function using ultrasonic spectroscopy is described. The ultrasonic spectra of water-based magnetic fluid measured in the 3.5-50 MHz frequency range are analyzed using(More)
The ultrasonic propagation in the waterbased magnetic fluid with doubled layered surfactant shell was studied. The measurements were carried out both in the presence as well as in the absence of the external magnetic field. The thickness of the surfactant shell was evaluated by comparing the mean size of magnetic grain extracted from magnetization curve(More)
In this paper the influence of temperature on the electrical conductivity of a ferromagnetic gel is investigated. The material used was poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) gel which contained randomly distributed magnetite nanosized particles. The electrical conductivity was measured by means of the two-point dc method. During the heating of the PDMS in the(More)
This study aimed to analyse occlusiosonograms from the same edentulous patients (a) wearing old complete dentures and (b) after adjustment of the occlusion of new dentures. Occlusiosonograms of subjects with a complete natural dentition and of edentulous patients wearing complete dentures were compared. Gnathosonic examination was carried out by means of(More)
We performed small angle X-ray scattering and rheological experiments in order to analyze the aggregation and denaturation processes of hen egg white lysozyme initiated by the presence of ethanol molecule. At low ethanol concentrations (below 60% (v/v)) we did not observe any change of the radius of gyration of lysozyme and no drastic changes in viscosity(More)
It has been established that structural changes in a ferrofluid (formation of clusters) upon the effect of an external magnetic field can be effectively studied by ultrasound spectroscopy. In particular, the resonance absorption of ultrasonic waves enables detection and determination of the size of spherical clusters. This paper reports results of a study(More)
We have applied rheological methods for the analysis of ethanol-lysozyme interaction during the process of denaturation and aggregation of the protein. At low concentration of ethanol a destruction of the hydration shell of lysozyme is observed. With the increase in the ethanol concentration a structural transformation takes place. It leads to the formation(More)
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