Tomasz H. Szymura

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Changes in the content of Cd, Ni, Pb, Zn, Fe, Mg, Mn, Ca, P, K, and N in six age classes of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) needles were described as a function of the needles’ age. The raw measurements of each element’s concentration were standardized at the level of an individual tree; such a procedure reduced the variability caused by differences in the(More)
The effectiveness of invasion depends on the interacting environmental factors and biology of the invader. The effects of these interactions are contingent on their contexts and difficult to predict. Among the most successful plant invaders in Europe are the goldenrods (Solidago and Euthamia genera). We assessed the roles of ecological niche differentiation(More)
The radial increment and crown status of mature Scots pine trees growing in polluted and unpolluted sites were compared. In 1996, as a result of some malfunction, unleaded petrol penetrated into the soil next to a plantation. Detailed geological and hydrological studies revealed the route of the spread of contamination and extent of the pollution. The trees(More)
Biological invasions are considered a major threat to biodiversity on a global scale. In this study, we examined the effect of landscape structure and socio-economic variables on the invasion pattern of alien Solidago species. Field data were collected in a set of 309 sampling plots, regularly placed on the intersecting lines of a 10 × 10-km grid, in(More)
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