Tomasz Filipowski

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In the recent world, we are surrounded by various social networks. In every company, every institution, and every place worldwide, people call each other, exchange emails, text messages, post in forums, co-author documents, meet at diverse events, etc. In other words, they communicate and collaborate with each other creating and maintaining mutual(More)
Social communities extraction and their dynamics are one of the most important problems in today's social network analysis. During last few years, many researchers have proposed their own methods for group discovery in social networks. However, almost none of them have noticed that modern social networks are much more complex than few years ago. Due to vast(More)
The rapid development and expansion of the social services and social networking sites (SNSs) on the Internet has boosted interdisciplinary research on online communities as a part of social network analysis. Social networking creates a unique opportunity to establish new business contacts with people from unexplored markets to gain new customers or(More)
The aim of this study was assessment of possible effects of loss of heterozygosity on human genetic identification of histolopathogical tissue sections. DNA templates were extracted from tumour tissue specimens excised from oncological patients and from reference blood samples. AmpFlSTR Identifiler PCR Amplification Kit and ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer(More)
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