Tomasz Brzezinski

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We construct quantum group-valued canonical connections on quantum homogeneous spaces, including a q-deformed Dirac monopole on the quantum sphere of Podles quantum differential coming from the 3-D calculus of Woronowicz on SUq(2) . The construction is presented within the setting of a general theory of quantum principal bundles with quantum group (Hopf(More)
Characteristic properties of corings with a grouplike element are analysed. Associated differential graded rings are studied. A correspondence between categories of comodules and flat connections is established. A generalisation of the Cuntz-Quillen theorem relating existence of connections in a module to projectivity of this module is proven.
For a given entwining structure (A,C)ψ involving an algebra A, a coalgebra C, and an entwining map ψ : C ⊗ A → A ⊗ C, a category MA(ψ) of right (A,C)ψmodules is defined and its structure analysed. In particular, the notion of a measuring of (A,C)ψ to (Ã, C̃)ψ̃ is introduced, and certain functors between M C A(ψ) and M Ã (ψ̃) induced by such a measuring are(More)
Given a ring A and an A-coring C we study when the forgetful functor from the category of right C-comodules to the category of right A-modules and its right adjoint − ⊗A C are separable. We then proceed to study when the induction functor − ⊗A C is also the left adjoint of the forgetful functor. This question is closely related to the problem when A →(More)
Following the idea of Galois-type extensions and entwining structures, we define the notion of a principal extension of noncommutative algebras. We show that modules associated to such extensions via finite-dimensional corepresentations are finitely generated projective, and determine an explicit formula for the Chern character applied to the thus obtained(More)
We develop a generalised gauge theory in which the role of gauge group is played by a coalgebra and the role of principal bundle by an algebra. The theory provides a unifying point of view which includes quantum group gauge theory, embeddable quantum homogeneous spaces and braided group gauge theory, the latter being introduced now by these means. Examples(More)
A relationship between coseparable corings and separable non-unital rings is established. In particular it is shown that an A-coring C has an associative A-balanced product. A Morita context is constructed for a coseparable coring with a grouplike element. Biseparable corings are defined, and a conjecture relating them to Frobenius corings is proposed.